Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Avon Eyeshadow Primer

Lightweight primer creates a seamless canvas for a smooth, even finish. Helps prevent fading and creasing.

Before this product came onto the market, I used to use foundation as an eyeshadow primer, mainly because the other primers were too expensive for eyes, however this one was R75 on special with Avon Quad Eyeshadow :) which is a major bargain! This primer has a different texture, something like the texture of airbrushed foundation (soft and fluffy onto eyes) it smooths onto eyelids like a gentle eye gel and leaves a slight pigment on eyes, something around the colour natural beige. It can be used alone (ONLY if that's your skin colour). The actual product lasted about 8 hours on my eyelids (I wore it to campus) it didn't allow my eyeshadow to crease and gave my eyeshadow a better colour :) it's really worth trying! I recommend this product


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