Friday, 8 November 2013

RiRi hearts Mac Collection : Talk that Talk

So firstly I've never actually purchased a Mac lipstick before, I've tried one before, just didn't feel that I liked it back then. As everyone knew a few weeks back, Rihanna launched her RiRi hearts Mac collection, at first I didn't really realise all the fuss about it, until I saw a few bloggers display this beautiful collection.  I was determined to get those lipsticks for the collection, which were unfortunately sold out everywhere else, but of course my darling boyfriend drove me around 90 kilometers just so I could get my hand on these lipsticks! 

You going to think... What is all the fuss about? Well the packaging, the product, plus the entire experience was just too amazing to explain. I won't lie, these lipsticks retail for R215 each, and they were worth every single cent I spent on them. At first when I purchased them, I'd didn't want to use them at all... after I tried it on, I was obsessed.

The lipstick Talk that Talk comes in a beautiful rose gold box with a "R"in a light pink shade, printed with rough text, while RiRi ♥ Mac is in a beautiful cursive writing in a darker pink. The top of the box has
the shade of the lipstick. The actual lipstick casing is so beautiful, I caught a few ladies starring at my lipstick in Gateway. The casing is the regular Mac lipstick shape, while the colour is in a metallic rose gold covering which catches the light at every turn. The casing has the same font as the box. While the inner barrel has a soft matte finish which is smooth to the touch, I really appreciate all the little details, especially the "click" lock, because I really can't afford for this lipstick to mess everything in my bag!

RiRi Talk that Talk is completely out of this world. This lipstick is crazy extreme matte. Which at first gave me a few second thoughts, however as soon as I applied this lipstick to my lips... I fell in love. When applying the lipstick, you'll feel it slightly dry on your lips... But after a few seconds, I promise you'll feel nothing is there at all.  I kept looking at myself in the mirror to see how the lipstick looked on me ( a little obsessed, don't you think?) The lipstick shade may put some people off... But I LOVE IT! When you see the colour on the lipstick you'll think it looks like a very dark brown or almost black, but it's not! The colour is a very deep plum shade which is perfect on all skin tones. As the lipstick fades a little, you'll see different shades of purple and plum which I love. 

The cute touch which really caught my eye was on the lipstick there was an engraving of a heart silhouette and the words "RiRi" in cursive. Being my first Mac purchase, I'm going crazy and loving this lipstick to the MAX!!! I would say it is really worth the money and I would spend the price on a lipstick which makes me this excited! I also enjoyed the experience of a long lasting lipstick in matte, it felt soft and almost not there!  I'd say these lipsticks are quite long lasting to me... I applied the lipstick once and it lasted around four to five hours. I'd say it's an amazing lipstick! 

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