Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Inglot Lip Palette

So I'm a regular shopper at Gateway mall and I'm there without fail every weekend, always with a  shopping bag in my hand. This past weekend almost every shop had a sale. I normally walk past the Inglot stall in Gateway because my mother's famous saying is "Priya, you can sell make up to all of these shops, you don't need more", but of course, since she wasn't with me, I decided to spend a little over my budget. Inglot had a sale which had 70% off all their lip colour, concealers, brow powder, eye shadow or  brow wax pans. I was in love with the lip shades which they had, they were all beautiful Autumn shades which were vibrant and intense.  Eventually all the pans they had were R20 each, which is a huge saving, plus if you picked 5 colours, the lovely ladies at Inglot will include a free palette, excited... I got filling! 

The shades I chose are: 


22, 87, 79, 60 and 75. 

These shades are quite close in colour, the difference between them is only a shade darker and 22, 87 and 79 are shimmer lip sticks. I was so excited as I watched the assistant fill my palette. The palette has magnetic inserts so that the pans of colour will stay to the base of the palette, the palette also has a large mirror, and a space for a brush, but doesn't include a brush. 

I was absolutely excited when I got to try my lipsticks at home because each shade is so unique and beautiful, it was absolutely amazing. It will definitely not be my last visit to Inglot because I've already eyed a few items which I will be getting the next time I visit Gateway mall. 


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