Sunday, 11 August 2013

Coloursensational Popstick

These were quite a huge trend in the beginning of the year and at the time I really didn't understand why because I thought it was quite a waste of money to me, but I purchased it just to see what's the hype about. I purchased it in the colour 080 Cherry Pop. The product is part of the Maybelline range, which means the product is a good luxurious product. The package is cute and quite trendy. It comes in a regular square lipstick tube. The lid is transparent lumo pink while the tube is shimmering silver and can be seen from the transparent lid. 

The actual Popstick is a sheer gloss which is in a lipstick form. Once you twist barrel, the lipstick is almost transparent with a tint. At first I didn't understand why everyone was going crazy about it. Until I've used it for a while and then realised I've now become addicted to this Popstick. The Popstick is fruity in fragrance and well moisturising, it doesn't leave lips sticky but soft and smooth. Once you try the Popstick you'll notice that lips have a beautiful glow and a shiny glossy look, with a hint of colour. The Popsticks aren't very long lasting on lips because you'll end up licking them off your lips all the time.
The unfortunate part is the price is around R110 for these Popsticks. I'd say they worth the try if you ready to splurge because they give lips a beautiful lovely glow with a completely natural look to lips. If I get the chance, I would definitely repurchase this product any day. 

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  1. This looks interesting! Pity it's really pricey and doesn't last long.

    ~ Lil' Missy ~


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