Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Make Up Helpers

Everybody should own a few products to help you for perfect your look, I have a huge holder filled with make up brushes, foundation sponges, sharpeners and buds to fix any eyeliner smudges or problems. I was really glad when I noticed Essence had a few amazing brushes which I felt everyone should own.

I especially love their range because the brushes are black and purple and I find them so gorgeous, so I will share my choices with you and hopefully you can make your purchase of their simply sexy brushes.

My first choice is their Gel Eyeliner Brush
"One applicator, plenty of looks: the special gel eyeliner brush allows you to create a multitude of styles ranging from classic to sexy to dramatic! Thanks to the slanted bristles in a trendy blue colour, the gel eyeliner brush is a true eye-catcher! comes in a practical pouch with a fashionable design." Essence

I would first say the bristles are purple, but there's no stress there! This amazing brush helps you get the perfect line without a doubt. I simply love this brush because this brush has been going strong for the past two years and I don't see any damage at all!

My second favourite is their Eyeshadow Brush
"The expert in cool eye make-up. soft, silky, precise! perfect for applying and blending eye shadow. Comes in a practical pouch with a trendy design." Essence
Agreed! This brush is silky smooth and gives the perfect look every time, I find it easier to work with pigments as it creates a more defined look with less mess, I also find this brush to be really helpful because its curved at the tip.

My favourite helper is their Make Up Sponge
"The new face tool with a fun factor! This make-up sponge is ideal for the easy application of foundation, concealer, blush or powder. A cool utensil that’s unique and super practical at the same time: the rounded edge is perfect for foundation and blush, while the slim, pointed side is ideal for hard-to-reach areas. It can be used dry or moist, is latex-free and can be washed. available in a choice of pink or purple." Essence

This is a much more affordable version of the famous Beauty Blender. It helps perfect make up and give skin a glamorous "airbrushed" look. I really loved that this sponge didn't drink all of my foundation. I would suggest you use the sponge moist for a more defined look.

The next two products I haven't purchased yet but I'm really looking forward to purchasing.

First would be Smokey Eyes Brush
" Now you can create Smokey eyes as easy as 1,2,3: the soft, rounded bristles in a trendy, intense purple colour ensure an even smoother eye shadow application for breath taking Smokey eyes! Comes in a practical pouch." Essence

I really want this brush because I really what to perfect the smokey eye look effortlessly and I'm sure that this brush could help me perfect it.

Second would be Eyeshadow Applicators by Zeena

"Super practical and perfect for your handbag: this applicator bag contains five eyeshadow brushes with handles to keep your fingers nice and clean when you take them out of the bag. Once you're done, you can slip the brush straight back into one of the five storage sections. " Essence

I never have enough applicators at home, and I don't like to mix my applicator for different colours, it makes me feel like I'm messing my colours up, thanks to Essence this applicators are affordable and they super cute.

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