Monday, 17 June 2013

Cat got your Line?

Cat Eye's is the sexiest way to get that attention grabbing, gorgeous and amazing eyes within seconds. So what happens if you can't create this sexy eyeliner job because you have an unsteady hand? Well it's simple, thanks to the amazing Essence Beauty Products of South Africa, they've made your job much easier. Any guesses what I'm talking about?

Introducing Frame for Fame Stick on Eyeliner

This amazing new trend is definitely going to take you by storm, it is a super cute self-adhesive, black eyeliner made of premium velvet, create an absolutely cool look within seconds. They come in different packs for different looks. There's one for an amazing "WOW" look, while the other is for daily use. These super cute stickers can be used to add an extra-special touch to the eyebrows! They absolutely reusable so you'll be having that sexy look everyday or for whenever you're in the mood to frame your look.

These amazing Frame for Fame eyeliner stickers are comfortable and don't irritate eyes at all. They long lasting and are completely inexpensive. So if you can't get that perfect Cat Eye Look, no stress, there's always a help, thanks to Essence.


  1. I was waiting for someone to review this ^_^
    Definitely going to try it :)

  2. They look awesome =) Plus they affordable!


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