Friday, 24 May 2013

Silky shiny locks

Nothing can be as amazing and nourishing for hair like coconut oil, which is why The Body Shop brings us the most amazing COCONUT OIL HAIR SHINE. This amazing hair shine is better than silicone and better than hair shine spray because its much more healthy for our hair, and it gives our hair a beautiful natural shine without a greasy or oily look.

This amazing coconut oil hair shine comes in a traditional metal tin which screams vintage, it's really something I love about the coconut oil hair shine. The actual hair shine is a rich and creamy balm which contains pure coconut hair oil to give hair that amazing and healthy shine it needs.

To apply to hair, simply swipe fingers across the balm (be careful to not take too much, else hair will become greasy and look oily) and simply massage lightly into the roots and mid section of your hair. Hair will automatically look much more healthy and glossy and will shimmer and shine in the light.

For long term results for good and healthy hair, I would recommend using The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil in conjunction with the hair shine to keep hair looking amazing and healthy! I will do a review for the Beautifying Coconut Oil soon.

The Coconut Oil Hair Shine is available at all Body Shop, and retails for R90.

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