Thursday, 23 May 2013

Revlon Star Attraction

Revlon Star attraction has to be one of the hottest magnetic nail polishes this season, mainly because this polish gives a beautiful "star burst" magnetic effect once applied to nails.

This polish has been on the market since February 2013, and Revlon stated : "Use Revlon Star Attraction to magnetize your look for star style! A range of 5 rich colours perfect for Fall all give you an out of this world star design from the magnet conveniently affixed to the cap." As soon as reading that, I was sold on the product and purchased mine in the colour Star Watch, which of course was a purple colour.

The Star Attraction Polish is available in the following colours:
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Purple

The reason I chose the purple is because it's my favourite colour, and the purple would look amazing if it had a light silver design over it, so I took a chance and chose it. This amazing polish has small magnetic particles which show a design once being under the magnet (which is on the top of the lid)

The polish had a simple step to achieve the look you need. You simply apply a coat of the polish and allow it to dry, then paint on your second coat of the polish and quickly hold the magnet near the polish for around 30 seconds so the design shows properly, and repeat the steps for the rest of your nails. Remember to only do one nail at a time! And DONE! nails have an amazing star burst effect on them.

I would really recommend you give this polish a try, it does take long I know, and it can be a long process so if you're really impatient I'd recommend you don't try it out, other than that the polish is super trendy and amazing and retails for around R89. It is a bit expensive but it's really amazing and the polish is really quick drying, plus the actual polish is really glossy so there really isn't a need for a top coat at all.


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  1. That actually does look amazing! I should try it out...


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