Wednesday, 3 April 2013

GlamPalm Hair Curling Wand

I received this GlamPalm as a prize from SixtyThree HairStudio after entering a competition, because I know how amazing the GlamPalm hair straightener is, I was really excited to give the hair curler a try, I finally found an excuse to give it a try and I was really excited about seeing amazing results.

When purchasing a GlamPalm Curler you'll receive :
  • An amazing presentation Box
  • An instruction booklet
  • A clamp free curling wand with a barrel cylinder
  • A heat proof glove

What makes the GlamPalm range so amazing is that the curling wands have a heat protector stone built into the curler which doesn't damage hair, so there's no heat protector spray needed. Plus the curling wand is easy to use and doesn't have the clamp which makes it completely effortless.

About the Curling Wand
The wand has an auto setting, which gives an average heat, but because my hair is too straight, it can't be used on the auto setting, apart from that there are different settings for heat which range from low, medium and high. No matter what heat setting you use, there will be far less damage compared to using a regular curling iron. The wand has a barrel heater which gives perfectly rounded curls every time, it does take some time getting used to using the curler but you'll get the hand of it soon enough. The curler has a small clip which can be pulled out, it's perfect for when you need to cool your iron because it stands using the clip.

When using the curling wand, you must use the heat protector glove because it will prevent your hand from getting burnt, which hurts a lot (I've experienced it) once you've curled your hair, you just need a few spritz of hair spray to allow hair to set into curls and stay for longer.

I would recommend you try this product, especially if you love having curls in your hair, it takes less time than using a regular curler and makes curling a lot easier. The curling wand is also proven to give hair less damage than other curling wands. And retails around R1600, however if you're lucky enough and willing to splurge, you can purchase the limited edition GlamPalm Straightener and Curling Wand in a beautiful case for R2699 which is a massive save of R1399.

If you're interested in purchasing this product view their facebook page:


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