Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Nail Experts Rose Cuticle Balm

Save rough cuticles with a rose-scented blend of shea butter and almond oil. Provides instant moisturization and makes nails looks smoother and less ragged. This product is simply amazing, I do my own manicures most of the time, and my cuticles are always rough and dry and peeling. Once I buff my nails, I apply this amazing soothing balm over my cuticles. It gives instant relief and within minutes my cuticles feel soft and smooth. The balm has Shea butter and almond oil to give cuticles some extra TLC. The best part about this balm is that it comes in an amazing little tin (can be mistaken for lippie) and looks too cute :) and I'm a sucker for something which has good presentation :D let's not forget that light scent of rose which smells amazing

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