Monday, 7 January 2013

Garnier BB Cream

Garnier has released one of the most amazing products ever in South Africa. Look no further, because the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector has arrived.

why waste an hour in front of a mirror, when you can just spend five minutes? This revolutionary product transforms dull skin, into skin which is nourished, flawless, and protected from the sun. You probably wondering what makes this product so incredible? Its beacuase this amazing product has a complete beauty routine in one.

This amazing product has:
  • A serum
  • A moisturiser
  • A primer
  • A foundation
  • Sunblock
ALL IN ONE AMAZING BOTTLE, but it doesn't stop there. This product blends in flawlessly into skin and is available in three different tones: Light, Medium and Dark.
So what do I review this amazing product?
I give this product a 4/5
It is simple and easy, perfect for rushed mornings and for those who want a flawless yet natural look and it is probably one of the best and most affordable product on the market right now.
More about the product
The product is in a simple press tube, with a press flap lid, the content is a creamy thick cream which will vary between the colours.
If you have oily skin, use a Matt Set powder over which will give you a better finish and make your BB Cream last longer.

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