Thursday, 19 June 2014

Purple Sparkle Message

Hello to all my gorgeous Purple Sparkle Followers!
I really want to thank everybody for all their support, love and their obsession to beauty products. It has taken Purple Sparkle very far, and I am super excited to share my amazing news with everybody!
Firstly Purple Sparkle has reached 20 000 views! So a super big hug to everybody for the support.  
Secondly... this happened for the month of July
Yes, with all excitement, my dream finally came true, I was in Cosmopolitan and I reviewed some products for the them. It was honestly so exciting for me, I really can't control my excitement. In fact, I keep staring because it is hard to believe.
With all this excitement, I wish to thank everybody who followed Purple Sparkle blog and for always reading my blog posts, I really appreciate it.
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Thank you


  1. Congratulations...such a great achievement :) xxx

  2. Hey sweety! thats awesome!

    *showing your blog some love*


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