About Purple Sparkle

About the Blog Name
The name Purple Sparkle comes from my two favourite mixed together! I absolutely love the colour purple and I'm obsessed with anything and everything that sparkles.
Why do I have a Blog?
I am a journalism student as you all know and I have this crazy passion to write, whether it is about make up, hair products, accessories or just plain down girl talk, I'm here to talk about it! I have honest reviews and it is a promise that my review will give you the best choice before you're ready to purchase.
What can you look for on my Blog?
My blog showcases a number of new things, plus new ideas and blog posts get added every month!
On my blog you can find reviews, new products coming soon, my favourite products plus much more! I have guest bloggers who also showcase their blog posts on my review.
Special Weekly Posts to Look for on my Blog
Manicure Monday: I try to do as many posts as I can, often I have guests who showcase their nail art work or their perfect polished nails, so keep a look out for those!
Thursday Trinket: This is something new, where every Thursday I will be showing my blog readers about a specific piece of jewellery I love for the week. 
Friday's Favourite Five: Every Friday I will show my blog readers which are my favourite five items for the week.

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